About Shastr The Band

About Shastr the band:Paarth Singh

In the heart of Noida, Shastr emerged in 2018 as a melodic response to life’s challenges. Founded by Paarth Singh, driven by a pursuit of passion and a quest for financial independence, Shastr embarked on a musical journey like no other.

paarth singh
Paarth singh singing a live song

Our genre : Bollywood/Sufi Rock Harmony

Paarth Singh: Leading the Symphony with 200k Subs and 30 Million Views

At the forefront of Shastr is Paarth Singh, the charismatic lead singer. With 200k subscribers and 30 million views, Paarth infuses every note with a passion that echoes far beyond the stage.

Feeling the Groove: Dance and Soft Numbers Medley

Shastr’s essence lies in the fusion of dance and soft numbers, creating a medley that mirrors the diverse emotions of life. From foot-tapping beats to soul-soothing melodies, our music resonates with the rhythm of your emotions.

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Connecting with Audiences: Storytelling and Tears of Joy

Shastr believes in more than just melodies. Through storytelling and interactive activities, we forge a deep connection with our audience. Our performances are not just about music; they evoke tears of joy, creating memories that last a lifetime.

Going National: From Delhi to the Heart of the Nation

While rooted in Delhi, Shastr the band aspires to elevate its musical journey to a national level. The dream is to share our melodies and stories with a broader audience, spreading the magic of Shastr across the nation.

Join us on this extraordinary musical expedition, where every note, every story, and every dance step is a testament to the spirit of Shastr.


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