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Looking for an Energetic live Music Band in India for Weddings and Parties?

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Shastr the Band is a leading live band in india in Bollywood genre for Parties weddings and concerts

Our Singer Paarth Singh has over 200k Subs and 30 million views on Youtube

Live Music band in Delhi

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About Us

Welcome to Shastr the band, where music isn’t just heard; it’s felt. We are a dynamic live music band based in India , weaving the magic of Bollywood melodies into the fabric of your most cherished moments.

Passion and Purpose: At Shastr, our journey is fueled by a shared passion for music and a commitment to creating unforgettable experiences. Each performance is not just a setlist; it’s a carefully curated journey that resonates with the heartbeat of your celebration.

Diverse Musical Palette: Specializing in the soul-stirring tunes of Bollywood and sufi songs, Shastr brings a diverse musical palette to your events. Whether it’s the romantic melodies for a wedding or the energetic beats for a lively party, we tailor our performances to capture the essence of every occasion.

learn more about the lead Singer

Our fav – Arijit singh, Kishore Kumar and KK melodies

Our Story: Founded by Paarth Singh

best live band in India

in the vibrant heart of India NCR, Shastr band started with no team and no shows but only passion, we started and made it out by trying for building a team and getting shows by links and internet marketing

Why Shastr:

  • Live demo: We provide you live demo in our studios so that you can witness it live because anyone can manipulate videos and attract you, but live is the real truth.this makes us the only live music band in India who gives demo out
  • Tailored Performances: We understand that every event is unique. Shastr crafts performances that reflect your vision and elevate the atmosphere.

Join us on this musical journey, where every note tells a story and every beat creates memories. Shastr: Your melody, Your moment. Let’s make it magical together!

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Our Services

Shastr the band performs for

  • Parties
  • weddings
  • anniversaries
  • College fests
  • and more

Our Past Clients

A Punjabi Party we did in Pathankot:

a baby shower we did in Radisson dwarka :

Venue’s Performed as Live band in India

  • Radisson – Kaushambi
  • Vivante taj
  • Hotel Trident
  • Radisson – Dwarka
  • Hotel Surya – rajouri garden

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+91 9886366948

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