Best Live Band For Wedding In Delhi

In this Guiding Blog, We are going to see the best live band for Wedding in Delhi and Gurgaon for Your Wedding

First of All congrats you are starting your most precious journey of life

Best wishes for the future 🎉 let’s go…

Choosing the right band for your wedding is one of the most conscious jobs.

live band for Wedding in delhi

Choosing Live Band Genre for Your Wedding

Start with What Genre you like Such as

  • Is it Bollywood oldies
  • Is it, Bollywood newbies
  • Is it a Sufi setting
  • Is it Completely Western
  • Is it a mix of Bollywood songs?

The Live bands in Delhi Come Under the above-mentioned settings

So you have to be conscious of what is your desired genre and then search the Band accordingly

Choosing the Energy of The live band for the Wedding

Yes, you heard it right 💜

A lot of people don’t tell the energy they need during the wedding.

Energy can be totally Strong or Soft

in short, ask these questions?

  • Do I need my guest to dance or
  • Do I need my guests to talk and softer music is playing by side

The band formatting is Important for Your Wedding

Always ask the band to play softer or tell them if you need more hard dance numbers .

Sometimes Clients tend to hire a soft song band 😁

So always be conscious!

Duration of the Live band for Wedding in Delhi and Gurgaon

Well Usually the bands in the entire country only perform for 2 to 3 hrs Max in a stretch

So always keep this in mind that the singer of the band gets the vocals strain of you insist too much

if you want the band there for 6 hrs

You can always ask the band to perform in segments

May be one hour before the Dance performances in your wedding and remaining at the end .

Top 3 live Bands in Delhi for Wedding

  1. Shastr the Band

Shastr the Band Started their journey in 2018, With the Lead Singer Paarth Singh.

Paarth Singh has always passionate about Singing and is a trained Singer, He had 200k Subs on YouTube and then He decided to start with A Live Band in 2018 Under the Name – Shastr the band

Shastr the band Name Is Inspired By the Word Shastr which literally means Weapon

He thought it would be his weapon in the field of Live band

Genre of Shastr the band

They are a Bollywood Sufi band of 5 to 8 pieces band under Live band for wedding in Delhi Which Includes :

  • Violin
  • keyboards
  • Electric Guitar
  • Vocals
  • female Vocals
  • dhol
  • Flute

Favourite Singers of Shastr the band

  • KK
  • Arijit Singh
  • Sonu Nigam
  • Nusrat Fateh Ali khan
  • Kailash Kher
  • Rahat Fateh Ali Khan


The live band price ranges from 15000 to 100000, depending on how many members are involved and what is the branding of the band.

If the band is famous and is processed from the Bollywood industry, the price can go higher.

Types of Live Bands for Wedding in Delhi and Gurgaon

If you have a small party with a gathering of only 20 to 50, We recommend Only a two-person band which includes Keyboards and Guitar with singer .

The other Categories are :

3 people live band for Wedding in Delhi : Male singer, Keyboards, Drums or Clap Box

4 People band: Male singer, Keyboards, Drums or Clap Box and electric guitar

5 People band: Male singer, Keyboards, Drums or Clap Box, Electric guitar and Dhol or Female vocals or Violin

6 People: 4 Instruments and two singers: Male and female


Dance Numbers :

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